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Canadians Have Recycled Over 1 Million Tonnes Of E-Waste

Canada has achieved a truly significant milestone in recycling and resource recovery. We've recycled one million tonnes of electronics through EPRA/Recycle My Electronics programs. It's an achievement we can all be proud of, and we're just getting started.


An award-winning industry leader in stewardship for best-in-class electronics recycling programs.

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics have been navigating the regulatory landscapes and challenging logistical backdrops for over ten years, providing expertise in safe, secure and environmentally sound recycling.

The largest network of qualified processors and drop-off locations in Canada.

As a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), EPRA/Recycle My Electronics is responsible for the safe and secure collection and recycling of electronics on behalf of the Stewards (Producers/Retailers/Distributors) we represent. With the largest network of qualified processors and drop-off locations in Canada, EPRA/Recycle My Electronics is uniquely positioned to support Canada.

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Access & Information

Eighty percent of Canadians have end-of-life electronics at home. Our devices are filled with resources including plastic, glass, gold, silver and copper. These recoverable resources need to be diverted from Canadian landfill and illegal export to non-OECD countries. Recycling through EPRA/ Recycling My Electronics ensures these resources are recycled and reused in the manufacturing supply chain.

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics programs only work with recyclers who have been verified under the national Electronics Recycling Standard. This ensures that recyclers are maintaining appropriate environmental, health and safety controls and are properly handling all materials.

The new electronics regulation in Ontario is now in effect as of January 1st, 2021 under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act.

The regulation moves Ontario to an Individual Producer Responsibility model which is overseen by the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority.

Producers can choose to cover the cost of the program through internalizing the cost in their product price or by covering the cost through a recycling fee/environmental handling fee per unit sold.

1Proven Electronics Recycling Track Record

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics is best known for our comprehensive nationwide coverage, accessibility, effective program cost and awareness metrics supporting global electronics producers, retailers and distributers in meeting their legislative obligations throughout Canada. We have been pioneering best practices to support Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in Canada for more than ten years.

2Safety & Security

At EPRA/Recycle My Electronics, we are committed to the integrity of our electronics recycling process.

  • Safe and secure destruction of all personal and proprietary data on devices and electronics sets the global standard.
  • Confidential data destruction process uses advanced technology to wipe or physically destroy data, hard drives and electronics once they have been collected.
  • Thorough system of checks and balances and written guarantee.
3Why Recycle Electronics?

When you bring your old, unusable electronics to an EPRA/Recycle My Electronics drop-off locations, you’re helping to:

  • Prevent e-waste from being illegally exported or handled by irresponsible recyclers, decreasing environmental issues for the planet.
  • Recover and recycle resources that can be put back into the manufacturing supply chain, conserving natural resources.
  • Ensure the safe and secure destruction of personal data stored on hardware.
  • Protect health and safety of workers and handlers.
  • Divert e-waste from Canadian landfills.
4Compliance Expertise

EPRA/Recycle My Electronics is the Canadian environmental leader for safe and secure e-waste recycling programs throughout Canada.

  • Regulated, cost-effective recycling program management for consumers and businesses.
  • Recognizes the diversity of provincial regulation and appropriate stakeholders.
  • Leverages national expertise to provide solutions for regulatory recycling compliance for obligated Stewards (Producers/Retailers/Distributors) under the Ontario Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act (RRCEA).

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Contact us for customized recycling solutions:

Stewards (Producers/Retailers/Distributors): 1-888-567-4535 or [email protected]
Municipalities/Collection Partners/BOOK MY PICK UP: 1-833-FOR-EPRA (1-833-367-3772)

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